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Your MEETING LOCATION for our tour: is at the Diver's Memorial located right on the water at Calle 2 Norte and Rafael Melgar.

From the Punta Langosta Port this is a 6 block walk. (approx. 20 minute walk) or a $8usd taxi for up to 4 passengers. From the International or Puerta Maya piers the cost of a taxi would be approx. $8usd for up to 4 passengers.Please make your way to Calle 2 North and Rafael Melgar, in front of the Divers Memorial, where our guides will be waiting for you with a Cozumel Dune Buggy sign at 10:00am.

From here our guides will lead you two blocks to our vehicles and head out on your tour. Our guides will wait no later than 10:45am local time for any late arrivals. Past that time our tour will have departed. This tour meeting is at 10:00am. Please NOTIFY dunebuggytours@live.com if your arrival time conflicts with our schedule. We'll do our best to accomodate you. Meeting Time: 10:00am **LOCAL TIMES**CENTRAL USA TIME ZONE** Please note that ship time and shore time may differ and usually do for ships leaving Eastern time.

Our tour times are set for LOCAL TIME in Cozumel. Be sure to adjust your time to local time upon arrival to Cozumel so that you arrive at the correct time for this tour.Excursion Time 10:30am-approx 3:30pm (Please advise guides of your port departure time and we will be sure to get you back in time)


Tips: Be sure to bring sun screen, beach towels and be ready for swimming and snorkeling. If you are planning to drive a Dune Buggy you must know how to drive a stick shift and you MUST bring your DRIVERS LICENSE. You must be at least 21 years of age to drive.

OUR TOUR GOES RAIN OR SHINE. In the unlikely event of inclement weather causing an excursion cancellation or port cancellation your deposit will be refunded. In case of excursion cancellation please e-mail back by replying to this confirmation in order to confirm your cancelled excursion. If our operator has to cancel a tour, you will be met and informed at your meeting point.


PLEASE CONTACT Veronica@Cozumelhomes.com immediately should you require any last minute assistance prior to your arrival into Cozumel.

Every ship has an internet room and in the event of illness or ship delays or any unforeseen situation that arises that affects your tour, we kindly ask that you contact us ASAP so that we can prepare accordingly. Failure to due so results in the full charge of your tour. Our dune buggies seat 4 persons, however whenever possible and if space allows we try to accommodate couples with their own buggies. Please note that this cannot be guaranteed and we reserve the right to put four persons per buggy.

If you require any help while in Cozumel please call our representatives at 987-872-2078 or 987 872-3204, local phones. If you have access to your USA cell phone, you can call us at 918 747-8160 or TOLL FREE at 866 396-4230. These are USA phone numbers but they ring here in Cozumel.

Have a wonderful time on your adventure!

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If you are driving your own car, or a car rental from the mainland that allows you to cross it to Cozumel, then you will need to board in Puerto Morelos. You must wait in line for at least four hours before departure and then load your vehicle onto the ferry. The crossing is approximately three hours to Cozumel and about four hours going back.

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