Enid's Mexican Food

Our aim is to provide the same delicious food as our father Roberto prepared. From the mountains of Monterry, Nuevo Leon, south of Laredo, Roberto moved to the flat lands of Enid, Oklahoma . He was the first Mexican food restaurant, offering tacos and enchilades when most people at that time didn't even know what a tortilla was! He first began his cooking career at the Gypsy Inn, a restaurant that was in the Broadway Tower. From there, he opened his own restaurant, with his wife, Virginia on East Broadway, the "El Sombrero", a block from the then busy Phillips University.

Roberto Sanchez's Family in Enid-El Sombrero
Later, he opened the well known restaurant, "The Long Horn Cafe", at the stock yards. His clientel or fans, included Lee Majors and Farah Fauwcett, Buck Owens, and others. In fact, he met Owen K. Garriot when he was still dreaming of going to the moon!
Roberto's menu grew to offer delicious American foods but his fame for the traditional Mexican food that brewed in his kitchen was why they waited in line for hours for a table. In his 45 years in Enid, he moved to several other locations in Enid including "Roberto's", with one location at Brookside, and another two "Roberto's" on Van Buren.

Roberto at Long Horn  Cafe
He passed away surrounded by his wife, his two daughters, his son in law, and his grandchildren in 2000, while in Cozumel, where one of his daughters live. But before he left, he made sure that they knew all his secrets to creating delicious Mexican food. This is his legacy. His Mexican food still is the best Mexican food in the world!

Today, we offer his food online, starting with one menu item, his traditioinal authentic Mexican hot salsa. The standard tradition of his restaurant, was a basket of freshly fried tortilla chips, and a bowl of Roberto's Hot Sauce, that you munched on, while waiting for your main dish. This is the same hot sauce that we are offering. The style of his sauce, is actually a salsa, rather than a sauce. But we call it Roberto's hot sauce.Roberto's Mexican Food became famous in Enid, Oklahoma, almost 45 years ago. At that time, Roberto's was the first authentic and delicious Mexican food restaurant. Some will remember his mexican food at the El Sombrero Restaurant, near the campus of Phillips University. Later, he added a lot of good 'ole American food to his menu at the Long Horn Cafe. It was there, that families gathered in the waiting room for a long wait for a table. His restaurant only seated 40 people, but most people believed that the long wait was worth it.

His specialities included traditional Mexican foods, with authentic flavors that blended nicely together. With every dish, diners enjoyed his Mexican hot sauce.

Today, we are offering the same hot sauce that he made, now prepared with love by his adoring daughters. The flavors are fresh, pleasantly spicy and will compliment any mexican food you serve. We will add to the menu later, so watch our site.

If you would like to make a request for mexican dishes, please let us know.

Enid Mexican Food
$11 per pint (16 oz.) $20 for 2 pints (32 oz.)
Roberto's HotSauce
$5.00 shipping and handling for first item, Add $2 for each additional item within the United States.
Mexican hot sauce
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