Telephone Numbers


Telephone calls cost and charges

Local calls

The best way to have a phone in Cozumel is to buy a cell phone ($350 pesos is low price) that comes with 100 minutes.
If you need more minutes, you can stop at any OXO Convenient Store or telcel store to get more minutes on yoyur phone.
To call a local number, you just dial the seven digits. To call a cell phone, dial 044, then 987 and then the number. 987 is Cozumel's area code.

Long distance phone calls

Long distance telephone centers are everywhere. The rate is posted, and the operator will dial for you. Most of them have a small closet for privacy.
Remember, Mexico has one of the highest long-distance service billings in the world, so try to avoid making phone calls.

Internet in Cozumel

Cozumel has many internet cafés that offer internet access, good computers in air conditioned rooms, and — sometimes — good coffee.

We recommend the full-service Internet Service Centers because you can get a lot of business done quickly and get back to your vacation fun.

Mexican Post Office

Located on Calle 7, and the beachfront road, Melgar Sur.
They offer ordinary postal services: sending mail, certified mail, etc. The Mexican postal system is not as fast or acurate as the American postal system. Many homes don't have actual addressses. You'll hear stories from residences in Cozumel that they got Christmas cards months or even years later!!! It will be interesting for visitors to mail themselves a postcard, and see how long it takes.

Internet Cafes

Many coffe shops and restaurants offer wireless internet service for those who have laptops. "Rock 'n Java" has an excellent breakfast selection, and they not only offer wireless, but they have a computer set up for guests' use. They also have a vonage phone, which is free for calls to the United States. Customers are welcome to use these when they stop in for a bite to eat, or just a drink.
There are internet centers everywhere in town and in the hotels. Look for the word "Cyber" and you'll find an internet center.

Telephone Centers

There are many telephone centers in town. They charge phone calls by the minute. The most convenient one is on Adolfo Rosado Salas and 10th. They have air conditioning and small cubicles that give you privacy. Ask them in advance how much the cost will be, and if there are any extra costs.


Aerocozumel 872-0928
Aerocaribe 872-0877
Aeromexico 872-0251
American Airlines 872-0899
Mexicana 872-0157
Continental 872-0847
Customs office 872-0078
Air Traffic Control 872-0602
Immigration 872-0515

Emergency Numbers

Police 872-0092
Medical Service 872-0912
24-Hour Medical 872-1616
Clinic 872-0912 or 872-1419
Red Cross 872-1058
Traffic Police 872-0409
Fire Department 872-0800
Ambulance 872-0639
Hospital 872-0140
Dental Service 872-1189


Banpais 872-0318
Bancomer 872-0550
Atlantico 872-0142
Serfin 872-0930
Cinema Cozumel 872-0766
Cine Cecilio Borge 872-0402
Taxi 872-0236
Telegraph Office 872-0056
Port Captain 872-0169
Tourist Dept. 872-0335
Ferry Schedule 872-0861
BM Mexico Water Jet 872-1508 or 872-1588
Post Office 872-0106
Hyperbaric chamber 872-0280
Red Cross 872-1058





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