Temazcal Cozumel Temazcal Cozumel Temazcal Cozumel
Temazcal Cozumel Temazcal Cozumel Temazcal Cozumel

The word “Temazcal” is derived from the ancient Aztec dialect (Nahuatl) for house of steam, (Temaz - Steam and Calli - House). The temazcal were used widely among the aztecs and mayan that populated Mesoamérica and for centuries and as far back as can be traced was a therapeutic instrument, an arm of the medical practice. The traditioinal mexican sweat bath differs in many ways from the scandinavian, turkish or indian sweat baths.

The temazcal comes to modern times as a relaxing and cleansing therapy for the nervous system and reactivation of the skin cells. The elimination of fat and stimulation of the blood vessels is activated in the bath, also bringing benefical effecets to the digestive and respiratory systems. You will be led through the various phases of the process from the recognition of North, East, South and West and their significance to the mayans. Then into the temazcal where the four phases of cleansing and the five points of visualizations. After one hour in the temazcal you will emerge reborn and rejuvenated.

As part of the cooling down process, you are invited to bath in the fresh water cenote only steps from the temazcal or rinse of in a freshwater shower. Then feel free to enjoy and relax in a hammock while delite the fresh fruits and juices which are grown and harvested on the Xkan-Ha Reserve.

Temazcal7.jpgAs a departing gift each guest will be given a glyph as a necklace indicating the participant´s birthday according to the mayan calendar.
Bring with you:
Bathing suite, Towel, Comfortable dry clothes, Sandals
Use of make up, sun screen or products that block the sweating.
Alcohol beverages and/or heavy meals before the temazcal.
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