Cozumel Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is much easier than you would think. Besides the traditional 'mercado', we now have modern grocery stores packed with familiar items, as well as items more exotic to tourists. Located on the beachfront road, south of the downtown main area, Mega is conveniently located, air conditioned, and accepts credit cards at a very good exchange rate.

Mega is located on the beach road, Melgar, btween 11th and 7th Ave. It's across the street from the commencial strip, Margaritaville, Rock n Java, etc.
Here, you'll find most things you'll need on vacation.
Target bought half of this chain, so you'll see many brands here that you can find in Target .
They have general food, bakery items, cold cuts, prepared foods, clothes and more.
Parking in back is shaded.
Pregnancy and handicap parking available.
Cozumel Mega checkout
Easy check out.
Visa, MasterCard and Discover Cards accepted.
Cozumel Mega sign
 Mega pharmacy
Full, well stocked pharmacy
Cozumel Mega wines
Spirits, beer, wine, etc sold daily. Sundays 7am-12 noon.
Cozumel mega grocieries
Chips, nuts, and dips.
Mega Bakery in Cozumel
Mega Bakery in Cozumel
"Bolillos" are the typical bread for 'tortas'
Mega Bakery in Cozumel
French Bread-short and long
Merienda is an afternoon meal usually after siesta'.
People enjoy "pan dulce", coffee, teas, or coke.
Conchas are traditioinal 'pan dulce'
Crispy sugar laden treats
Megabakery5.jpg Megabakery5.jpg
Cakes for sale. Cakes on order.
Typical Mexican candies
Traditional jelly candies, nuts, and dried goods.
Cold, Mexican and Merican beer
Lemon in Mexico are green
Mega veggies of Cozumel
Wide selection of vegetables
Mamaye, mango, and granada
Papapaya tastes sweeter when its nearly rotten!
Mega veggies of Cozumel
Imported vegetables
Mega veggies of Cozumel
Wide selection of greens
Mega veggies of Cozumel
Watermelon, cantelope
Mega seafood Cozumel
Inported fish section
Mega hogfish Cozumel
Exotic local fish section
Mega Cocina. Cozumel
Delicatessen is full of prepared foods typical of the region
Mega coffeeshop Cozumel
Convenient Coffee Shop
Mega Deli Cozumel
Mega  Tortillas Cozumel
Fresh tortillas made on site
Mega coffeeshop Cozumel
Convenient Coffee Shop Mega Deli Cozumel
Mega  Tortillas Cozumel
Fresh tortillas made on site

Guest might also visit the Municipal market, El Mercado. Here, you'll find a good selection of fruits and vegetables. Each stall is individually owned and present a delicious array of exotic fruits, vegetables, and meats. There are stalls with craft items, others for plastics, another for silk flowers. You'll find gorges, different nuts, spices, or baskets. There is also a section of restaurants with exotic flavors, including asian foods, yucatan dishes, and traditional mexican food. <
Fresh Seafood:

  • Mega,
  • El Comer.
  • Beachfront road, north of
    Specialty Stores:

  • Coffee
  • -Cafe CaribeCafeCaribe.jpg

    Ice Cream:

  • Michoacan
  • Italian
  • Downtown corner
  • Panaderos

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