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Oulala Boutique in CozumelOulala Boutique offers Cozumel and its visitors a refreshing way to dress in style.
Oulala has beautiful clothes, of all styles, colors and sizes. Women find styles to experiment with with unique accessories; belts, shoes, hats and jewelry.
Tourists will enjoy the options for a tropical look as well as styles that they can take back to their own world and lifestyle.

Ou lala is the home of MoDa Jewelry, a new line that everyone will soon hear of. MoDa jewelry offers many styles from elegant to funky to hip to conservative. MoDa creates jewelry with gemstones, pearls, stones and incorporates in some designs wood, bone, shell, and other unique beading materials. Moda offers a includes a selection of stylish purses, and the unique selection of extra ordinary jewelry items for gifts and souvenirs.
Visitors should return from vacation with items that their friends and family will love, such as MoDa jewelry.
We hear the guys in the streets, coaxing people into their shops saying "Same junk, less money". Well, here, we don't sell junk, and the prices are very good. All our beautiful items will be treasured and valued by the women who have them.

Olivia Withington Owner Olivia Withington OLLstore.jpg OLLsigna.jpg

Olivia has lived in Cozumel since she was two years old. She grew up as a Cozumeleno, attneding all her informative school years in Cozumel. Olivia always enjoyed being in style, even as a child, dressing in the Little Mermaid dresses, carrying a fashionable purse or backpack, and loved sporting matching shoes, ribbons and on weekends, finger nail polish. During her last year of high school, she moved to the USA in preparation for her college years. She attended Oklahoma State University and graduated in four years. In her senior year in college, she was crowned Miss Hispanic OSU, and won a partical scholarship. After graduation, she decided she wanted to return to Cozumel and open a boutique. Growing up here, one frustration for many women was not being able to shop for good quality, fashionable clothes without spending a fortune. She knew what was needed in Cozumel! Ou lala opened its doors Dec. 2008.
Cozumel Turquoise jewelry in Ou lala Boutique Cozumel Clothing Oulal Cozumelclothes.jpg

Located on Calle 7, just steps away from the beachfront road.
(As you exit Punta Langosta Parking lot to the north, you'll look up to see us in front of you)!

Ou lala Boutique opened its doors in Dec. 2008. Created, designed, and administered by Olivia Withington, Cozumel finally got the store it needed. Oulala burst into the fashion scene in Cozumel with chiffon party dresses, sleek, silk summer gowns, and an array of colorful tops. Accessories being important to ladies, Ou lala has a large selection of jewelry, belts, purses, and more. Accented with delightful pretty bonuses like cell phone jewelry, coin purses, and wire art jewelry, any lady will delight in all the pretty things in the store.

Olivia grew up in Cozumel. She was only 9 months old when her parents bought their first home here. As a child, the private schools in Cozumel mandated a uniform. After school, Olivia always dressed in the trendiest clothes, whether it was the Little Mermaid when she was five, or the matching vest with pants of her teens. Whatever it was, Olivia had it. Her interest in fashion never faded.
Olivia attened college in the United States. She graduated from Oklahoma State in 2007 and moved back to Cozumel after turning down a job with RedBull. She has been the OSU representative for Red Bull during the school year. In her senior year in college, she was crowned Miss Hispanic OSU. It was four years, full of laughter and great friends.
MomOliJess1.jpg MomOliJess1.jpg MomOliJess1.jpg
Veronica, Olivia, and Jessica.

Once she got back to Cozumel, she got busy creating her store. She brought a new boutique concept to the island. The building itself is cute, with it's adobe facade,curvy roof, and painted in happy pink. The inside has a lot of unique furniture pieces used for display.<
Cozumel jewelry display Cozumel jewelry display Cozumel Ou lala Boutiqoue
Cozumel fashion store Cozumel accessories Cozumel's best boutique

The feeling of being in a ladies bedroom, with sweet aromas, lace, pearls, and beautiful items, creates a comfortable, unique atmosphere for women. With items that women want to have, Oulala Boutique shows off!

The new jewelry line, "MoDa Designs" is very popular among the women in Cozumel. These hand made creations will compliment any fashion style.
Olivia and her mother, Veronica have always made jewelry at home, for the family and friends. They created a few pieces to see it shoppers would like them and wow, they did!

Cozumel store window Cozumel newest fashion earrings Cozumel accessories

After a few hundred necklaces were sold, the creative blood flowed, and they they created a new Cozumel jewelry line called MoDa.
In Spanish, "moda" means style. The name is a trick on words, as it also stands for Mother/Daughter so it's an appropriate title for this venture. Jessica, one of Olivia's sisters, has learned to make jewelry as well, and is involed in the business now too. In the winter of 2010, we will be introducing MoDa Designs to her beach club in La Ventana, Playa Cental.

Veronica and Jessica of Moda Jewelry Cozumel MoDa Jewelry Oulala Boutique has a large selection of bracelets in Cozumel
MoDa is now sold in several boutiques in Cozumel. Olivia and her mother also tour the United States hosting jewelry shows in high rise buildings and bank lobbies, and in private homes. If you are on vacation, and would like to create an event such as a jewelry party for you and your guests, let them know!

During the 'fake swine flu scare" as we call it in Cozumel, business was down in Cozumel. Olivia flew to the states wehre we hosted many jewelry shows. We hosted show in bank lobbies, high rise buildings, fairs, nursing homes and private residential homes. Each show generated a good clientele, and at the end of each show, we donated a portion to the host's favorite charity. The jewelry became a hit among women who were introduced to MoDa Designs.
MoDa Cozumel jewelry show

In Stillwater, where she had graduated the year before, Olivia was welcomed with open arms and the local news covered her story and attended her shows. Article here.

Cozumel has a large selection of shopping options. Most cruise ship guests explore the nicer, finer, stores along the beachfront road. These shops are nice but when you visit Cozumel, you should venture into the town a bit, go into the side streets,and explore inside the stores. You'll find better prices and more unique selections.

Oulala Boutique is located on Calle 7, very near the cruise ship pier, Punta Langosta. This side street runs beside the Cozumel Post office and Ou lala Boutique is very near the corner. You can't miss it's unique style and pretty fairy on top! This sign was designed by Javier Soler Boquera, a popular paper mache artist from Spain who has made Cozumel his home. As you browse through Cozumel, you'll find many of his fiberglass caracatures. This is one we like the best!
Oulala Boutique on Calle 7 Oulala Boutique on Calle 7 Oulala Boutique on Calle 7
Cozumel beaded earrings and fashion top Cozumel Oulala black dress selection Cozumel window surprise
Cozumel Ou la la Boutique sunglasses Old navy in Cozumel Cozumel beaded necklaces
Cozumel's large selection of jewelry Cozumel white chiffon dress Cozumel bedroom store
Cozumel has become a great place for shopping, thanks to its increasing importance as a port-of-call for cruise ships. Major shops and boutiques are downtown within easy walking distance of one another. Most are located on Avenida Melgar (the street that runs along the waterfront) or on parallel and side streets around the main square.

Store hours are generally 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., closing for siesta. They open again 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. They are located on Calle 7, just a few feet from the corner of Melgar (beachfront) and Calle 7.

When the Spaniards first landed on Mexican soil, one of the greatest sources of amazement among the many marvels of the New World were the beautiful examples of craftmanship in items which the Indians produced for their religious cememonies and daily use.

Cozumel shopping

Beadwork by MoDa Creations

Oulala offers the greatest selection of MoDa Jewelry that is in the world. Daily creations are presented, with new beads, new techniques and different combinations of such. There is a great selection of clothing, jewelry, and decorative items that women want.
Store hours are 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., closing for siesta. They open again 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Jewelry Shows with MoDa Designs, in Cozumel are fun!!!
Jewelry Shows in Cozumel are fun! You can win free jewelry by hosting a jewelry party for you and your friends. Hostesses will get great discounts according to what their guests buy. Email us if you wish to become a MoDa Design agent.
If you have a fund raiser, we'll host a party for you, and will donate a percentage of the sales to your favorite charity.

Rock N Java Anniversary Party with MoDa Jewelry Show
Rock n Java jewelry show Lisa and Veronica Welcome to Rock n Jave jewelry show Cozumel turquoise dangle necklace
Partyoutside3.jpg Cozumel Oulala jewelry Jewelryselction6.jpg

Ou lala Boutiques will soon launch a new online shopping spree. Right now, we sell jewelry online but will be offering an ordering service so guests can make requests in advance.
OLLsigna.jpg OulalaBoutiqueCozumel.JPG OulalaDec32008 035.JPG
Cozumelstore2.jpg Cozumeloulaladisplaymann.jpg Cozumelnewclothes.jpg

Take a look at this video: "Cozumel Girls, Girls, Girls!"

Cozumel girls

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