Chankanaab Park

Punta Sur Beach

Chankanaab National Park is the best snorkel beach for beginners. It´s name
means "little sea," which refers to a beautiful land-locked pool connected to
the sea through an underground tunnel — a sort of miniature ocean.

There are beautiful areas to snorkel. Guest are not permitted into the
natural aquarium. There are a few chairs and palapas on the beach so go
early so you can get a good place. The snorkeling is best before noon when the
area gets crowded.

There are bathrooms, lockers, a gift shop, several snack huts, a restaurant, and
a palapa for renting snorkeling gear. There are dolphins too. sea lion shows
are $5 per person, using rescued sea lions that had been captured illegally.
Tickets are available through any travel agency in town. You will also see some
scarlet macaws that were confiscated from captors and are in a reproduction and
release program.

The famous botanical garden surrounding the lagoon is lush and shady. Its
paths cover 351 species of tropical and subtropical plants from 22 countries, as
well as 451 species from Cozumel. Several Maya structures have been re-created
within the gardens to give visitors an idea of Maya life in a jungle setting.
There's a small natural history museum as well. Admission to the park costs $10;
it's open daily 8am to 5pm. The park is south of town, just past the Fiesta
Americana Hotel. Taxis run constantly between the park, the hotels, and town.
Admission is $10.

Let us know if you wish to purchase tickets for you. They are open daily
from 8 am to 4 pm.

Look at the Culture Package special we have to offer you Chankanaab, Punta
Sur and the Museum for a discount price of $25, with a $5 savings.

Contact Veronica for more information.

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